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      Royal Ascot Chauffeur Service


      Discover the convenience of Range Rover Chauffeur Royal Ascot chauffeur services. Given that London boasts some of premier chauffeur companies for event management, our award-winning executive chauffeurs can offer seamless luxury transfers to and from the iconic Royal Ascot races. Here, there might be a hustle and bustle around arrival, as well as time taken up when making your way to the premises of the venue to park your car.

      To avoid potential discomfort and associated frustrations here is an instant solution: book your own personal chauffeur who will connive you to your specially chosen parking spot. With regards to departure all you have to do is prompt our attendants and the chauffeur home or any conceivable destination across sumptuous London city confines.

      Book your chauffeur-driven Range Rover Vogue or a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom! Our range of luxury and prestige saloon cars is nothing short of impressive, guaranteeing every client VIP treatment. Let our professionals provide the highest quality of chauffeur service, offering experiences ranging from airport transfers to special occasions like weddings and proms – perfect for creating memories that’ll last a lifetime.

      Ranger Rover Chauffeur’s Ascot Races Event Car Hire

      The Royal Meeting at Ascot is one of the most unique and colourful occasions in the sporting calendar, centred around hundreds of years of tradition. It all started when Queen Ann founded Ascot Races in 1711; members of the Royal family still carry on this tradition today by leading the procession from Windsor Castle to Ascot each day. With every passing year, Finale Day at Royal Ascot continues to gain popularity among guests from all over the world. Enjoy an unforgettable day filled with glamour and high spirits with your own luxurious Ascot chauffeur to guide you to where the action awaits.

      Ascot Racecourse is home to ‘Ladies Day’, an illustrious two mile and four furlong battle for strength, endurance and the highly sought after grand prize of designer hat-wearing. As a veritable institution within British racing culture, it encapsulates all the European glamour of summer millinery and glittering events in one picturesque destination. Every June, bankers borrow chauffeur cars to traverse the Windsor Great Park and arrive at Ascot Racecourse, wearing monstrous hats befitting such a style‑conscious event. As one of the most appealing racecourses in the country, it’s justifiably become known as one of the seminal highlights on this cultural side of Britain’s sports scene.

      Royal Ascot is one of the most well-attended events on the social calendar, with around 300,000 people attending each year. Especially celebrated among racing fanatics, this unique event offers a thrilling blend of fierce competition and fine elegance. All competitors fight for victory in vibrant fashion, whilst revellers partake in heightened levels of anticipation, watching from the carefully arranged seating plans. An experience unmatched by other events on the horse racing scene, an occasion to Royal Ascot is one that all true polo lovers should strive to join.

      Chauffeur-Driven Car Hire Prices for a day for Royal Ascot Events

      1. We are proud to offer up to 10 hours of chauffeur service for your Royal Ascot journey, from the moment you leave until being dropped off. During this luxurious full day package, you can relax knowing that all parking charges once arrived at Royal Ascot are yours to account for. Prices are subject to a 20% UK VAT increase. Enjoy the luxury of comfort and convenience as we pick you up and drop you off in style.
      2. Our central reservations team is here to book your journey for you and will be able to deliver an immediate quotation. Let us know what services you need and we’ll help you make sure you get the finest journey tailored specifically to your wishes. Don’t wait, simply ask us any questions you may have and we’d be delighted to take care of everything for the perfect ride every time.

      Enjoy the original Royal Ascot experience with an A+ chauffeur!

      Hire a chauffeur-driven Range Rover for Royal Ascots today!